Chromium 模块

模块 说明 必要性
default_apps 默认安装应用的目录 ×
default_apps/external_extensions.json 默认安装的配置文件 ×
Extensions 默认安装扩展的目录 ×
Extensions/external_extensions.json 默认安装的扩展的配置文件 ×
Installer/chrmstp.exe chrome setup,和 setup.exe 完全一样 [1] ×
Installer/setup.exe 安装文件,用于升级或卸载 ×
Locales 多语言文件
VisualElements ? ×
WidevineCdm 自带组件(component),Widevine Content Decryption Module,用于在HTML5视频网站播放DRM加密的视频,如netflix ×?
64.0.3282.186.manifest chrome 主清单文件
chrome.dll chrome 主模块
chrome.dll.sig 签名文件? ×
chrome.exe.sig 签名文件? ×
chrome_100_percent.pak 1x 资源包
chrome_200_percent.pak 2x 资源包
chrome_child.dll chrome 子进程模块?
chrome_child.dll.sig 签名文件? ×
chrome_elf.dll Chrome Early Loading Framework [2]
chrome_watcher.dll Watcher进程加载 chrome_watcher.dll
d3dcompiler_43.dll required for Windows XP。 Direct3D HLSL Compiler for Redistribution ×
d3dcompiler_47.dll required for Windows Vista and newer。 Direct3D HLSL Compiler for Redistribution ×
eventlog_provider.dll windows 的事件日志 √?
ffmpeg.dll 多媒体支持。如果不需要播放视频等 ×
icudtl.dat International Components for Unicode Data File Little Endian,ICU库是一个支持国际化,本地化的软件库[3]
libegl.dll Embedded-System Graphics Library) [4] ×
libglesv2.dll OpenGL for Embedded Systems (OpenGL ES or GLES) ×
nacl_irt_x86_64.nexe Native Client integrated-runtime
natives_blob.bin binary large object,V8 引擎需要的数据文件
resources.pak 资源文件
snapshot_blob.bin binary large object,V8 引擎需要的数据文件
v8_context_snapshot.bin Create V8 contexts from a snapshot file. It will make the initializations of V8 contexts for 1.6-3 times faster.
wow_helper.exe win32与win64兼容工具


Support for WebGL is present in:

  • Firefox 4+
  • Google Chrome 9+
  • Opera 12+, Safari 5.1+
  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Microsoft Edge build 10240+


  1. The Active Setup executable will be an identical copy of setup.exe; this is necessary because Windows’ installer detection heuristics (which include things like process name being “setup.exe”) will otherwise force elevation for non-admin users when setup.exe is launched. This is mitigated by adding requestedExecutionLevel=”asInvoker” to setup.exe’s manifest on Vista+, but there is no such manifest entry on Windows XP (which results in TODO(gab): Rename setup.exe itself altogether and use the same binary for Active Setup.
  2. Chrome Early Loading Framework
  3. International Components for Unicode
  4. ANGLE(Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine))
  5. CEF redistrib
  6. The WebGL API